Customer Testimonials

We love getting feedback. It helps us stay in touch with what;s happening between customers and the movers on the road. If you would like a quote to compare our prices visit and complete your information and job details into our quote form. We will have a friendly rep get back to you as soon as possible.

The guys at No1 Removalists Melbourne quoted me a fair price but more importantly they were available on the day we needed to move. Everything was packed quickly and we finished our move from Ringood to Croydon in just over 3 hours. The team were fabulous. Everything went smooth, and nothing was a hassle. Great job!

Anne Halle, Croydon

Four bedroom house from Kingston to Monash with both the start and finish all on time. The moving went well without a hitch, and all my goods were delivered to my new address on time and in good shape. I loved how the two guys worked. I even got assistance with a quick solution on how to connect up my washing machine! Well done.

David Batley, Monash

Very impressed, a simple move made in good time. The only issue was we needed to break my gate lock to get the dining table out! That wasn’t any fault odf theirs though, the table was constructed on our property, we didn’t thin about the moving logistics. Nice job boys, will recommend.

Marcus Grose, Richmond

I found all their staff very helpful and efficient. I would especially like to commend the customer care service and the crew that helped me move my property. Michael did a wonderful job looking after the schedule. Plus they were friendly to my kids!.

Helen Carr,  St Kilda

My 70-year-old mum recently sold her home of 50 years in Canterbury and moved to Melbourne to live with us in Surrey Hills. The entire crew made everything as easy as possible  and helped me sort my mother’s things together.  The contents were delivered safely, and the quote was reasonable.

Jane Prest, Surrey Hills

We recently moved out of a fairly large house in South Yarra. Being 62 I was apprehensive about the lifting part. Luckily that was kept to a minimum as it was done for us. Much appreciated, everything went quite well. Thanks again, Ant.

Antonio Pavone Brunswick North