Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can learn answers to all of our commonly asked questions.

Q: Why use a professional removalist?

Ans. In order to move homes, a lot of valuable time, patience and physical strength is needed. Professional removalists help you in doing so, as they have the necessary workforce and experience. They take care of the product while moving and packing. Each and every step is taken to ensure that shifting homes may become a seamless and worthwhile experience.

Q: What is Backloading?

Ans. Backloading is an option provided by the removalists, so that your transportation costs reduce relatively. It means that you have to pay for only one way journey, as the truck (returning after moving some one else products) is able to carry your goods to your place. It helps both the removalists and customer by saving their time and money.

Q: How much do furniture removals cost?

Ans. It generally costs 75$-130$ an hour, mostly without any supplied packing and an insurance cover. These features vary from region to region but the cost remains almost in the same range. For 250$ an hour you can get removalists with an insurance cover for your products.

Q: How much notice should i give before booking?

Ans.We provide services on first come, first serve basis. So as soon as you plan and confirm the date of moving, you may provide us with a notice. The most popular day of moving is Friday so you should notify us as soon as possible for such day. There are also other busy timings such as end of month, Easter and Christmas.

Q: Should I be home during the removal process?

Ans. You should be at home during the removal process, as they assess various products and their costs. It is important that someone is present to verify and check your items.

Q: Can I pack my own furniture?

Ans. If you pack the goods by yourself, it may affect the insurance cover that we offer. You may also not be able to claim your insurance for the damages sustained by the products which have been packed by you.

Q: Do you supply packing services & materials?

Ans. Yes, we do supply packing services and materials.

Q: Can you provide storage?

Ans. Yes, we can provide storage.You will be provided with your own locks and keys for your rented storage unit with a personal access code.

Q: Do you provide insurance?

Ans. Yes, we do provide a full insurance of your goods. We provide insurance for both: the goods in transit and the goods in storage.

Q: Can you relocate an office?

Ans. No, we currently do not provide this service.

Q: Can I travel with the removalists to my new property?

Ans. Sorry, but our insurance company does not allow us to do so.

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